To satisfy the man’s ambition to be elegant all the time, to provoke his willingness to be attractive and desired – that is the company philosophy of the trade-mark “Carina”. Already 50 years, invariable company valuable is the tradition for our shirts to keep the self-confidence and to demonstrate the style and welfare of the man.

The style, that we impose is pointedly classic and in the latest fashion.

The variation in the latest fashion trends impresses the shirts – collar’s shape, pinnacle’s length, cuff’s width, take in the waist and some other additional details.

The suitable pattern guarantees comfort, sheer cotton materials, studs and accessories create the individuality of each shirt. “Carina” has a trade-mark that is remarkable with specific company colors, gloss and softness of the clothes.

The materials for “Carina’s shirts are mostly delivered from European manufacturers. The studs, threads and package of the items come from known Bulgarian manufacturers and importers.

“Carina” guarantees quality insurance in the course of the design, control of the materials, manufacture process and delivery to the client. The management of this process is maintained by company’s system in quality that is matched with ISO 9001.